87+ Minimalistic One-Word Tattoos That Make a Big Impact

Non-cliché One-word tattoos and meaning

Brave - One-word tattoo by @capinksa


invincible one word tattoo by @pavlenko.ink
Angel - A tiny behind-the-neck tattoo by @carpenter_tattoo


This small neck tattoo is like a birthmark of an angel. You may not be able to see her wings. But if you look close enough, you’ll find her soul glowing under the skin.


Finding stillness in chaos - a tiny finger tattoo by @chloejanetattoos


In a world where most people are going with the flow, be the one who stands firm in your faith

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Today one word tattoo by @pureum_tattoo


Every day is a blessing. This colored tattoo is a reminder to live in the moment.


Venus one word tattoo by @nikolett.kapor


In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. This one-word tattoo will inspire you to love yourself more, and to find beauty in yourself.


Lockdown essentials - a creative tattoo by @esco_zcc


An image gives a word new meanings, just like this deep and yet sarcastic tattoo that hits hard in this special time.


A pure soul - a single-word tattoo by @fawn.ink



Stay simple - One-word tattoo by @cagridurmaz



always one_word tattoo by @aleksnorthstudio


One way to make a one-word tattoo or a quote tattoo personal is to use your own handwriting, like this one here. The word “always” may be a promise to stay consistent. And it can be a reminder always to choose yourself.


Lover not loser one word tattoo by @jotzet.tattoo


Because you can’t lose when you have love.


Because happiness is contagious.

Happy thoughts - One-word tattoo by @broccoli_tattooer



Keep hoping - small one-word tattoo by @hktattoo_tina


Word tattoos come in different shapes and forms. With a unique font and color scheme, a one-word tattoo becomes a reflection of one’s aesthetic. And this piece is no exception.


Human- tiny word tattoo on the thigh by @zombietears



Tired - one-word tattoo by @katememphis


You are not a robot. It’s okay to feel tired. This neck tattoo is a reminder to take a break until you are you again.


Warrior not worrier - a meaningful tattoo by @kellyneedles


Your mind deserves freedom from what you have no control of. A good mindset helps solve half of the problems coming in your way.

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Run - Inspiring one word tattoo by @cs_vivieen


Vivien Csiszár, the owner of this tattoo is a mountain runner. The word “run” on her wrist is not just a statement of her passion but also a symbol of her determination.


Bipolar - Inspiring one word tattoo by @esco_zcc


Not everyone is comfortable wearing their struggles on the sleeve. That’s not the case for the wearer of this mental health tattoo. It sends a deep message in a light-hearted way: it is not the disease itself that is scary but the guilt and shame that come with it.


Breathe - one-word tattoo by @kyla_rose_tattoo



Positive - a meaningful single word tattoo by @lacuart


Cherish – one-word tattoo

A one-word tattoo to express gratitude by @_haemee2


2020 has taught us that nothing is permanent. The roof over our heads, a regular 9 to 5, and the time we get to spend with our family can all vanish in one day. We should not take things for granted just because they are always there. And the word “cherish” is a perfect reminder.


Princess - one-word tattoo by @alex.cocinero


Be your own princess and say no to things that don’t deserve you.


Never - one-word statement tattoo by @arslonga_tattoo


Don’t stay at the same place where you get hurt.

Resilient – one-word tattoo on the wrist

Resilient - a beautiful single word tattoo by @bethanypete


Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficulties and heal from traumas. It is not shown in the glimmering light of success. Instead, it is in the scars, bruises, and tears. And that’s where beauty shines through.

Left and right

Left and right matching best friend tattoo by @bil_tattoo


Those who walk with you are companions. But if someone going in the opposite direction still connects with your soul, you have found a real friend. And this matching best friend tattoo will be a permanent token of the friendship.

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Infinity – a rose tattoo on the ribcage

Infinity - a rose tattoo on the ribcage by @bil_tattoo



Patience neck tattoo by @dianatodic_tattoo


Trust the process. Trust your growth. Patience is the best gift you can give yourself.

A word tattoo for survivors

A word tattoo for survivors by @doggstattoo


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Neverland - dreamy word tattoo by @hktattoo_tina


Neverland or Never Land, this outline stencil is specifically for dreamers.


Nomade by @ink_details - a word tattoo for the explorers of life


Nomade is the French version of Nomad. Nomads are people who travel and live in different places. It has become the name of those who never settle and never stop to explore the possibilities of life. If it sounds like you, consider it as your next ink.

Inspiring words

Feel heal live one word tattoo by @senart.ink


Can’t pick a single word to represent yourself? This tattoo makes a great example of incorporating all meaningful words together in one ink.

Enough – an inspiring one-word tattoo

You are enough - a reminder tattoo by @ixtw.ink


Never forget about that.


Fearless - beautiful script tattoo by @junhan_tattoo


When your passion meets your determination, you fly.


Worthy - an inspiring self-love tattoo by @lu_tattoos


You deserves love, care, prosperity, and all the good things in life. Stay away from those who try to convince you otherwise.

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Miracle - inspiring one-word tattoo by @marinezzo


Life is full of miracles. You just have to notice them.


Chaos - unique one-word tattoo by @math.lst



Untethered tattoo by @math.lst


Don’t be a caged bird when you can be an eagle in the sky. Break the chains because you are untamable.


A single-word tattoo for the adventurers by @mikaink


“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.” If you are a free spirit that shares the philosophy of Rachel Wolchin, then you’ve found the perfect word for your next tattoo.

Put yourself first

A single word tattoo by @axelhoney to put yourself first


Because you deserve the same love, if not more, you give others.


A wrist tattoo by @capinksa to keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.


A great reminder to keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.


She is blessed - tattoo by @hybridink.helsinki


Every day is a gift. What you are experiencing is preparing you for what you want. If you look closely, life has a lot for us to be grateful for.


Love quote tattoo by @kyla_rose_tattoo


Love is a broad word. It can be romantic love or love for our family, friends, nature, or ourselves. Whichever love it is, it heals traumas and warms our souls. True love is rare. And this small forearm tattoo makes sure we never forget that.


Grateful_meaningful one word tattoo by @tatuagens_deliicadas


Gratitude turns pain into peace. Always be grateful for what you have.


Conscience - a deep motto tattoo by @louve.tattooist


Conscience is a moral compass of what’s right or wrong. As Leo Tolstoy said, “wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.” Let your conscience be your guidance and let no one hijack your judgments.


A wrist tattoo to channel your energy by @math.lst



Grace one_word flower tattoo by @novemberoakbranch


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Follow the light

Follow the light - small wrist tattoo by @miniwork_jo


Love and hate

Love and hate - creative one-word tattoo by @moninktattoosluxembourg


This unique wrist tattoo combines love and hate into one word and sheds light on the delicate relationship between the two emotions.

“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.” Love can be the source of hate, yet it can also be the cure.


Perception - one-word tattoo by @naptinomeseleyi


You don’t know what you don’t know about. And the more you know, the more you can be unsure of what you know. If you are an explorer that constantly pushes your knowledge boundaries, the word perception may represent your life philosophy.


A one-word memorial tattoo by @nhi.ink


“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Sassy – an elegant script tattoo

Sassy - an elegant script tattoo by @sacred_grove_tattoo



Karma - deep one-word tattoo by @sacrednoirtattoo


Everything you do, good or bad, comes back to you.

Faith – a beautiful sunflower back tattoo

Faith - a beautiful back tattoo by @sarahandersondesigns


One-word tattoos, or word tattoos in general, are not always tiny and low-key. Twist the font, match with patterns and flowers, they can be bold and captivating like this one.


Note to self - inspiring one-word tattoo by @shi_lmnop24


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Sweet - script tattoo by @skattytattys


Life is short. Make it sweet.


Flawsome - creative word tattoo by @tattoo_artistd


Flawsome comes from the word “flaw” and “awesome”. It is not an actual word, but the message is relatable: your flaws don’t make you any less worthy. With them, you are unique and real, and real is awesome.


mercy - deep word tattoo by @tattooist_axe


A twisted reality

A twisted reality by @tattooist_doy


Hallelujah – a fun lettering tattoo on the forearm

Hallelujah - a fun lettering tattoo on the forearm by @tattooist_doy



Never.the.less - one-word tattoo by @tattooist_zitae



A sweet tattoo for the family people by @traptattoo_officialshop


Sibling tattoos, mother-daughter tattoos, and father-son tattoos…They are all expressions of love. If you want to honor the irreplaceable people in your life, consider getting this simple script tattoo.


Courage - word tattoo by @vanessatatuagem


A sunflower script tattoo over scars

A sunflower script tattoo over scars by @witaminat


“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”


Fleur by @xiso_ink


Fleur means “flower” in French. For those who admire the beauty of flowers but prefer something simple, this tattoo is a good fit.

Yes and no

Yes and no - creative word tattoo by @zuzaok



Self-care - beautiful script tattoo by @zuzaok


The way you take care of yourself sets an example of how others should treat you. Treat yourself with love and you’ll bloom.

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Which of these one-word tattoos resonate with you?

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Single word tattoo ideas - What are some meaningful words for tattoo? Here are some words that make good tattoos

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