“A Young Woman’s Heroic Efforts Rescue Over 70 Ailing Dogs in a Remarkable Five-Year Journey.”

The dogs’ shared abode spans approximately 200 square meters and can be found in the Phuoc Hoa neighborhood, located on the outskirts of Nha Trang city in Khanh Hoa. It is located along a path that passes the shrimp and fish farms of Dong Ro residents. For the past half decade, Ho Phuong Ca, a 31-year-old caretaker, has been tending to the dogs’ needs. She spends her days walking them, tending to their wounds, treating mange, giving them vaccinations, and performing sterilization procedures. Despite facing several challenges, Ca is dedicated to ensuring each dog receives personalized attention and care.


According to Phuong Ca, Fang Ca’s dog pack consists of 52 dogs with different names and origins. Some of them were rescued from dangerous situations, while others are strays in need of care and attention. Additionally, around 20 dogs belong to nearby residents who are unable to care for them properly and often turn to the pack for help.

Phuong Ca shared his love for dogs and how he got involved in rescuing them. In 2016, a group of animal lovers from the city of Nha Trang came together to rescue dogs from a slaughterhouse. Although they only managed to save 50 dogs due to lack of funds, Phuong Ca fell in love with them and has been taking care of them ever since. He gave the dogs names and treated them like family, so they now hold a special place in his heart.

A female dog, Lola, was rescued after being thrown into a sack infected with ticks and fleas. Another, May, was dumped in a landfill and had epilepsy. Despite their health problems, Phuong Ca took them in and gave them a home. She also cared for a pack of 14 fluffy dogs whose owner passed away and no one else could take care of them.

In short, Phuong Ca’s love for dogs has led her to create a pack of 52 dogs with unique histories. Her passion for rescuing them from dangerous situations and providing them with a loving home has made her an inspiration to animal lovers around the world.


Phuong Ca, who took in a group of poodles from her neighbors, faces challenges in caring for them. Despite being infected with canine flukes and experiencing skin allergies, Phuong Ca takes responsibility for feeding the dogs twice a day, even during inclement weather that requires her to travel by canoe. He is also concerned about the cost of vaccination and treatment, as well as maintaining hygiene in the hatchery. To address these concerns, he borrowed money from relatives to buy a crematorium, while at the same time relying on his own funds to buy food for the dogs. Phuong Ca shared that she usually cooks rice and vegetables, which cost nearly 400,000 VND, with the support of friends who love dogs.


Phuong Ca is known for breeding a large group of dogs and is frequently approached by people looking to adopt dogs. He makes sure to have honest conversations with prospective adopters to make sure they are loving and responsible. However, Fang Ca has been reluctant to give away dogs after a family he gave a beautiful dog to could not be found a few months later when he came to visit. Tung Lam, a resident of Nha Trang city who appreciates Phuong Ca’s work, loves that she not only cares for the dogs but also takes care of their vaccinations and manages their deaths. Local resident Tuong Vi shared that Phuong Ca advises many families on proper dog care and hygiene practices, such as muzzling dogs outside and keeping them clean.


Phuong Ca actively promotes the development of a green and clean community through simple but meaningful actions. Animal lover, especially dogs, he contributes to raising awareness about the importance of being responsible for the environment in which we live. A poignant example of this is his practice of swaddling dogs in Phuong Ca.

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