Anne de Paula Shares Heartfelt Message with Joel Embiid Following Their Wedding

Joel Embiid and Anne de Paula, the spouse of Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid, are relishing their happily-ever after.

The Sports Illustrated model posted images from the couple’s Saturday wedding in Southhampton to her Instagram account.


Google translate indicates that the 28-year-old de Paula wrote in French, “You and me forever,” in her caption. “We were created for one another.”

Arthur, who turns three in September, was in attendance at the ceremony and was photographed following his parents as they exchanged vows. He is the son of Embiid and de Paula.


His son and the 29-year-old Sixers superstar matched in white tuxedo blazers adorned with black bowties. In contrast, de Paula dazzled in a long-sleeved lace wedding gown.

Embiid and de Paula, who were first linked in 2018, exchanged church ceremony vows and posed for photographs together on Cryder Beach. Michael Rubin, current CEO of Fanatics and former Sixers owner and close friend of Embiid, attended the ceremony and posted a photo of the newlyweds to his Instagram Story.image“Anndepaula and @joelembiid, congratulations!” “I absolutely adore you all,” Rubin wrote, accompanied by two red heart emoticons.Tuesday, the Sixers’ official Twitter account posted a bridal photo of the couple along with the message “Congratulations to Arthur’s parents!”A mutual acquaintance introduced Embiid and de Paula at a New York City dinner in 2018, the couple recalled in an ESPN interview for the cover story on May 20, 2021.imageThe nuptials took place on Long Island amidst rumors that Embiid might transfer his talents to the New York Knicks.Zach Lowe and Dave McMenamin of ESPN hinted at a potential coupling in an episode of Lowe’s “The Lowe Post” podcast last week. image“By all means, arrange for the Acela Express to transport him to New York,” stated McMenamin.”That is precisely what the murmurs have been. “Everyone is familiar with New York; the connection between [Knicks president] Leon Rose and Joel Embiid is well-known,” [Lowe] stated.Embiid’s erstwhile agent Rose maintains a close relationship with him.Keith Pompey, an insider for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Sixers, contributed to the discussion on SiriusXM NBA Radio recently.Powell has owned a home in New York for some time, according to Pompey. “The worst-kept secret is that the New York Knicks have been hoarding and holding onto their first-round draft picks in the hopes and prayers that Joel Embiid will accept their invitation to play.” “I can absolutely envision that occurring.”

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