“Genesis X: A Challenger to the Convertible Dominance of the Bentley Continental GT”

Since its formation in 2015, Hyundai’s luxury division, Genesis , has earned a top spot among luxury automakers . After taking on the likes of Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and others, the Seoul-based brand is now aiming higher with Bentley .
Over the past 18 months, Genesis has aggressively advanced its concept trilogy, which includes the X Speediuм Coupé, the more sumptuous X Speediuм Shooting Brake concept and, most recently, the X ConʋertiƄle concept. Seeing these concept cars made us want to see at least one of them make it to production. And according to Autoмotiʋe News, the launch of a new, old Genesis flagship model based on one of the three electric car concepts is imminent.
"GenesisRemember last month’s Genesis X ConʋertiƄle concept, which took the automotive market by storm? Well, things got more interesting when HMG’s creative director recently revealed what we were eager to hear. The"As

The message of Genesis is simple and clear. Just like what its current flagship, the G90, did with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series, its future “true halo flagship,” the X ConʋertiƄle, aims to shine a brighter light and put Bentley in his sights. .

In a recent interview with Autoмotiʋe News, Peter Lanzaʋecchia, president of GNDA, revealed that Luc Donckerwolke (creative director of HMG) at the Genesis annual meeting notified dealers about the arrival of the X ConʋertiƄle and officially put it into production. Peter adds: “When he (Donckerwolke) said that at the dealer meeting, to say it in front of a couple hundred Genesis dealers, it’s a very good sign,” further concretizing the alleged rumor as a future reality. """Genesis

Additionally, it reports that the high-performance GT coupe (the Speediuм Coupé) is a common name on dealer wish lists and it is rumored that “Donckerwolke addressed sellers about its late arrival.” However, as of now, news about the high-performance GT coupe or something based on the Speediu coupe concept is unclear, but if it comes, the competition will become fierce. Genesis and its parent company have performed surprisingly well. and consistent over the last few years. From the G90 executive sedan, which makes a statement in the large luxury segment, to the GV70, which offers a large electric car, this South Korean brand has waged war against the companies that dominate the luxury car segment. And now they are aiming higher with Bentley, specifically for the luxurious and sporty Continental GTC range.


Genesis seems to have put a lot of effort into its concept trilogy, and with the convertible segment gradually dwindling these days, Genesis is committed to redeeming the niche with its X ConʋertiƄle. And there’s no better way to aim higher!

While news from Genesis dignitaries ensures his apparent arrival, Genesis has not officially revealed anything about it. That said, the release date and price are still unclear. Speaking to Autoмotiʋe News, Peter Lanzaʋecchia added: “I don’t know if it will cost more than $200,000 or $300,000, but I guarantee you that we will see a lot of changes from Bentley Continental on that when it comes to our showrooms.”


"" And he goes further and remembers: “It would be a true flagship for the brand.” Additionally, it states that Génesis will keep production and sales of the Either way, this news should worry the Bentley Continental GT, regardless of its coupe and convertible variants.

Genesis is known for producing eye-catching vehicles and the X ConʋertiƄle is no exception. The X ConʋertiƄle features a host of highly distinctive elements that work together to form an exquisite image. As mentioned above, the X ConʋertiƄle concept aims to save the culture of conʋertiƄle luxury cars, and it does so with its unique flavors and style.

The X ConʋertiƄle concept is a pure work of art that delicately presents a modern, elegant and modern design language with traditional Korean elements. The long hood, shorter front skirts and longer wheelbase provide an attractive appearance that Genesis calls “athletic elegance.” Sharp lines across the body and muscular stripes around the wheels offer a top view of the “classic Coca-Cola Ƅottle.”

"" Unlike other conʋertiƄles, the X ConʋertiƄle is designed with a highly advanced hardtop with individual glass panels. Each front passenger has a glass panel next to them that allows them to connect with the environment even when the panel is closed.

The overall design is unique but not polarizing. The fascia has the characteristic quad LEDs with a double line design. The lights are designed to be eye-catching and replicate the grille design of the Genesis emblem. The rear exterior showcases distinctive design elements, including a concave elliptical design, a subtle spoiler, and a pair of chiseled double-triple LEDs. In addition, the exterior features the exclusive Crane White tone, which symbolizes Korean culture, sanctity and nobility.

"" The interior is where culture meets craftsmanship. The interior features traditional Korean roof architecture and woodwork. The interior environment takes the motivation of Korean houses to offer an emotional atmosphere. The main color, Giwa Naʋy, is inspired by roof tiles and uses recyclable wool fabrics, with faux leather dominating most of the interior. The seats are adorned with Dancheong orange stitching to evoke the woodwork of Korean homes. All of these offer an emotional, lucrative and distinctive alliance.

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