Golden Dog’s introduction of new puppies brings joy to the zoo

As one of the world’s most endangered species, the Amur leopard is currently only found scattered in the Amur River basin in eastern Russia and parts of China. According to National Geographic, in 2015 there were only 57 Amur leopards left in Russia, so this species is always preserved especially in zoos and national parks.

At the zoo in the city of Vladivostok in the Russian Far East, staff had to separate a cub from its mother due to the danger to the mother.

The zoo veterinarian said that shortly after giving birth to four cubs, the mother leopard suddenly showed abnormal behavior and ate the cubs. The mother leopard ate 3 cubs, leaving only one cub. The zoo staff, upon discovering this, immediately separated the last cub from her mother because they did not want her to fall into the same situation.

The unfortunate puppy is called Milasha.

After being separated from her mother, Milasha became a solitary leopard without a herd. The animal is not strong enough to wean, so zoo experts are forced to find a special method: hand the leopard to a “mother” of another species, and the subject is a golden dog. named Tessa.

The dog Tessa has just given birth to a litter of 4 puppies, so she has milk for her children and reawakens her maternal instinct. However, what the zoo fears most is that the wild leopard will harm its “mother.” But the next journey of the two animals surprised people.


Leopard entwined with mother dog Tessa (Photo: Daily Mail)

Contrary to what is feared, Milasha seems to be very much in love with this new “mom.”

From the first time she met the mother dog, the lone leopard swooped down to hug and play with a mother she longed to have. The couple was always wrapped in tangerine and embraced for many months.

Zoo staff say that, being raised by Tessa, Milasha the leopard is also easy to approach and comfortable with other dogs.

Thanks to Tessa’s healthy dairy diet, Milasha, from a short and weak leopard, doubled her weight and her body in three weeks.

At the same time, Tessa also took good care of Milasha so that she grew up to become an obedient and obedient leopard.


Milasha loves Tessa very much (Photo: Daily Mail)

Because he was a big cat that needed training, the zoo paired the leopard with a lioness and a tigress so Milasha would have friends of similar size to play with. These cubs’ companions are two months old and about the same size as a critically endangered cheetah.

Although they all have different personalities, Milasha deeply loves the friends she grew up with. Milasha no longer feels the pain of leaving her leopard mother and can now grow up with other close friends and gentle dog mother Tessa.


The two are always together (Image: Daily Mail)

For Milasha, Tessa has become a mother and friend. According to the zoo, interactions between these species will continue for about a year.

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