Hippo Takes On Wild Dogs In Horrific Tug Of War Battle: Animals Fight Over An Animal Carcass, But There Can Only Be One Winner

In one remarkable and wild encounter, a group of wild dogs showed daring when they successfully confronted and repelled a huge hippopotamus while competing for control of a carcass.

In a rare sighting, African wild dogs, considered an endangered species, were captured in a gruesome fight against one of Africa’s most formidable creatures.

While hippos are primarily herbivores, they are occasionally known to incorporate carrion and meat into their diet as a supplemental food source.

Hippo takes on wild dogs in horrific tug-of-war over animal carcass | Daily  Mail Online
The tug of war between one of the most dangerous animals in the world and the pack of wild dogs took place in South Africa’s Kruger National Park
Cranky Hippo Kills Kudu, Refuses to Let Wild Dogs Scavenge It - Wide Open  Spaces
Hippos are primarily ʋegetarians, but are known to eat carrion and meat to supplement their diet.
Hippo takes on wild dogs in horrific tug-of-war over animal carcass | Daily  Mail Online
Initially, the hippopotamus had an advantage over the faster but much lighter canines, and threw the antelope carcass as if it were weightless. While these animals, capable of running at speeds of up to 18 mph, are not typically aggressive when it comes to territorial disputes on land, this behavior can change if they struggle to find enough food, as Hippoworlds.com reports. In times of water or food shortage, they can become significantly more hostile and any creature that crosses their path is at risk of being attacked. Businessman Pierries du Toit witnessed this action-packed scene on April 1 while enjoying a picnic in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.
The water duck was fleeing from the dogs towards a water hole, but as it swam to safety, the gigantic hippopotamus emerged from the depths and attacked the animal with its enormous jaws.
Hippo Wild Dogs: Shocking Massacre in the Mud
Finally, the hippopotamus retreated into the water and the dogs took the opportunity to eat.
The astonishing display of teamwork left onlookers in disbelief, as these seemingly small dogs faced off and triumphed over a creature as enormous as a hippopotamus. At the time, Pierries, 32, a South African father of two, was a few kilometers from Satara Rest Camp, in the heart of the park. Pierries observed a waterbuck escaping from the pursuing dogs by jumping into a waterhole. However, as he swam to safety, a colossal hippopotamus emerged from the depths and grabbed the animal in its formidable jaws. As shown in their incredible images, initially the hippopotamus had an advantage over the faster but much lighter canines. The antelope’s lifeless body was shaken as if it were weightless. However, eventually the hippopotamus retreated into the water and the dogs took the opportunity to eat. Pierries said the entire show lasted about an hour. He added: “The dogs initially chased the antelope into the water, but the hippo attacked and grabbed it, so it didn’t end well for the antelope.”
Wild Dogs Provoke Angry Hippo

“We were about 200 meters from the action, I couldn’t believe such small dogs would take on something as big as a hippo.

‘I’ve never heard of this happening before. The hippopotamus was clearly in a bad mood because it had many scars on its body from what must have been some encounter with another animal.’

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