“No, I’m Ron. I don’t know who LeBron is.”

Recently, Blaze Pizza owner and basketball superstar LeBron James (they don’t call him the King for nothing) distributed complimentary slices of the chain’s new 14-inch pies throughout the streets of Cleveland.

Monday’s Twitter video of a one-minute clip featured LeBron—or should I say Ron—surprising supporters with a stack of ‘za boxes as a greeting. The Lakers star halted pedestrians while posing as his delivery man persona, complete with a customized hat and all, in order to distribute entire pizzas and, of course, take selfies. Everyone terrified TF with the exception of the indifferent individual who completely disregarded him.


“Hello, my name is Ron, and what’s going on?” he inquired, before launching into an elaborate spiel: “At this time, Blaze is providing a sizable, shareable pizza made with real ingredients. Without a doubt, none of that hardened crust is present. “Allow me to demonstrate two exquisite and distinctive toppings that we carry: arugula and artichoke.”


Evidently, genuine fans did not believe into the entire Ron persona hoax; I mean, he was merely donning a hat to conceal his identity. However, he declined to violate his integrity. “In contrast, my name is Ron. “I am unaware of LeBron’s identity,” he replied in response to a fan’s expression of appreciation using his actual name.


From x, this content has been imported. It is possible that additional information or the same content presented in an alternative format could be located on their website.LeBron James tweeted a repost of the advertisement with the following response: “What can I say?! Ron is an ordinary person. “That LARGE new pizza from BlazePizza is on its way in.”


The 14-inch pizzas are now available as build-your-own or as one of Blaze’s signature ‘zas, including the meat aficionado, green strip, veg out, or BBQ chicken, according to a representative for the brand. Interested in knowing what LeBron James’ preferred order is?

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