Shivering 13 “alien” skulls next to the Mayan pyramid

According to Ancient Origins, skulls were unearthed in several tombs dating back over 1,000 years, in the Mora-Reforma archaeological site in Tabasco – Mexico.

Rùng mình 13 hộp sọ giống “ngoài hành tinh” cạnh kim tự tháp Maya - Ảnh 1.

The skulls were analyzed among 13 strange skulls unearthed near the pyramid – Photo: INAH

This archaeological site was originally an ancient Maya city that flourished for centuries, then was abandoned around 1000 AD.

The skulls intrigue archaeologists because of their unusual elongated shape – looking like the heads of aliens in fantasy movies – which research has shown is due to intentional shaping by tying the heads. for several years.

Two of the skulls were split in half with extremely sharp marks, leading scientists to believe that at least these two people were victims of a macabre sacrificial ritual by the Maya during the Classic period (600 AD). -900 AD).

The location where it happened was a pyramid, also a temple in the eastern square of the ancient citadel.

Rùng mình 13 hộp sọ giống “ngoài hành tinh” cạnh kim tự tháp Maya - Ảnh 2.

Giant twin pyramids in the ruins of the ancient Maya city – Moral-Reforma of Mexico – Photo: INAH

The above facts were revealed through meticulous research by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) of Mexico, with the hope that through the remains we can learn about customs, rituals and Ancient Mayan diet.

According to Heritage Daily, to date, the morphological analysis of 5/13 skulls has been completed, including 2 skulls showing signs of decapitation. All 5 people are men, 2 people are about 17-25 years old, 2 people are about 33-45 years old and 1 person is about 25-35 years old. Age is estimated based on tooth wear.

These skulls all show the effects of a type of artificial skull modification to create an “alien” appearance, but for the Maya it was a way to show high status.

To get that shape, they had their heads braced from an early age, leading to the development of bony hypertrophy, with the skull elongating backwards.

Some people’s graves were covered with a red substance, perhaps cinnabar – often used in noble Mayan tombs. The arrangement of the graves also shows a special ritual, further confirming that it is a sacrificial grave.

However, why these individuals were sacrificed in an extremely cruel ritual remains a mystery.

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