Snow leopard cub debuts with Mother in Zoo (video)


The debut of the leopard cub with Mother iп Zoo (Video)

""image"" The Philadelphia Zoo welcomed two leopard cubs to its growing family of animals on July 9, when Maya, the zoo’s 3-year-old female leopard cub, gave birth to two cubs the next day. This is the first litter for Maya and her father Amga, who is 5 years old.

Maya maintained physical contact with them once they were born, caring for them and feeding them. The first 72 hours of the cub’s life are the most critical and are closely monitored by the zoo’s animal and veterinary staff. There is video of them at a very young age after the jump.

The mother and cubs are thriving, and normally the cubs would have made their public debut around 3 months old, but it was delayed due to major surgery to correct eyelid abnormalities in October. In this copy, called upper eyelid coloboma, a part of the upper eyelid does not develop properly, leaving a space at the edge of the eyelid that can cause eye irritation. The cause of this copion is not well understood, but it occurs in a variety of animals and humans, and appears to be more common in leopards than other species. Otherwise, the puppies have developed well, playing, eating, breaking and jumping normally; Check out the video of them playing with their mom after the jump.





Photo credit: Philadelphia Zoo

More photos, videos and conservation and information after the jump.


Black leopards have worsened status in the wild due to habitat destruction, conflicts with humans and poaching. The Philadelphia Zoo supports male leopards by supporting the Sпow Leopard Trust, which uses a combination of approaches to conservation that focus on collaboration with communities in male leopard habitat.

“We are thrilled to welcome Maya and Amga’s new puppies,” says Tammy Schmidt, curator of Carпivore. “Being able to participate in global conservation and contribution at this level is truly amazing. “This birth is a significant contribution to the endangered leopard population in the U.S. We are cautiously optimistic and letting Maya be a fantastic first-time mother,” Schmidt said. The zoo works with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Pla® (SSP) breeding program, whose mission is to map populations of threatened, endangered and other species in AZA zoos, to improve long-term geographic and demographic viability. .

Here is a video where the puppies were looking at the world:

And a little later, where the two take some time to play with mom.

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