“The Reality Behind the ‘Alien’ Specimen Unveiled in Mexico”

For Jaime Maussan, a Mexican journalist and long-time UFO (unidentified flying object) enthusiast, Tuesday’s hearing revealed one of the The most important discovery in human history.

But for scientists and even NASA, the two specimens with oversized heads and three fingers on each hand are just an act that has long been exposed.

At Maussan’s office in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City, people carefully displayed two boxes containing “alien” people sealed with glass lids. They invited agencies inside and outside Mexico to attend the press conference, and reporter Cassandra Garrison from Reuters had the opportunity to witness the strange thing firsthand. Before their eyes, two specimens named Clara and Mauricio lay motionless in a sealed box.

Thực hư về mẫu vật “người ngoài hành tinh” ở Mexico - Ảnh 1.
The specimen is said to be “alien” – Photo: Reuters.

According to reporter Garrison’s description, the specimen on display has an ancient appearance, bearing many similarities to humans: two eyes, two legs, or hands and a mouth. According to journalist Maussan, this specimen was found in 2017 in Peru, near the Nazca Lines archaeological site.

Also according to Maussan, he can prove that this sample comes from aliens. On social networks and during the hearing, Mr. Maussan shared a number of scientific analyzes and research results, which he said were evidence that the sample was 1,000 years old and had no relationship with anyone. any Earth creature.

He believed that one of the two specimens belonged to the female species, because it carried some eggs in it.

Thực hư về mẫu vật “người ngoài hành tinh” ở Mexico - Ảnh 2.
The specimen is said to be 1,000 years old – Photo: Reuters.

This is the biggest event that has ever happened to humanity ,” Mr. Maussan, now 70 years old, commented on the sample brought before Mexican officials. “ I believe that this phenomenon is the only thing that gives us a chance at global unity .”

Elsa Tomasto-Cagigao, a famous anthropologist and biologist in Peru, is angry that such idle assertions are still being made public in the media. He cited a number of similar examples from past, fake alien announcements.

What I once assumed is still true to this day, they still keep showing the old things and people still believe, so what should we do now? “, Mr. Elsa Tomasto-Cagigao told Reuters reporters by phone. “ There is no sophistication, [the specimen] is still as simple as before, I don’t know what else to say .”

Thực hư về mẫu vật “người ngoài hành tinh” ở Mexico - Ảnh 3.
Nazca Lines archaeological area in Peru – Photo: Britannica.

Previously, similar claims were rejected by the scientific community; After analysis, it was discovered that these specimens were sometimes old mummies, or sometimes they were assembled from many pieces of animals.

David Spergel, chair of the astrophysics department at Princeton University and also working at NASA, commented that these samples must be sent to all scientific communities for analysis. According to him, this is how science can progress, and also a way to test the reliability of newly displayed specimens.

In the report, Mr. Maussan published his research documents on social networks, and confirmed that the DNA found in the sample belonged to alien creatures. But when a Reuters reporter asked a Mexican scientist, he said that Mr. Maussan’s research results showed that the sample was of Earth origin.

Thực hư về mẫu vật “người ngoài hành tinh” ở Mexico - Ảnh 4.
Mr. Jaime Maussan – Photo: Reuters.

One day after Reuters reporters approached the samples, Mr. Maussan said that the announced results did not come from the two samples that appeared in the hearing. He said they were from another specimen, Victoria, still in Peru.

They were all found at the same location. They look the same, they are the same ,” Mr. Maussan said about Victoria and the two specimens currently in Mexico. He judged that examining these two specimens would cause them to be damaged.

Mr. Maussan did not flinch during the hearing or when standing before the media, because this was not the first time he stood before public opinion. Previously, Mr. Maussan had announced that the specimen was an alien and was fiercely criticized.

This new announcement not only made the scientific community nervous, but also made Peruvian officials unhappy. Peru’s Minister of Culture, Ms. Leslie Urteaga, spoke out about the illegal removal of Peruvian specimens, and confirmed that she had filed a criminal complaint against the parties involved.

For his part, Mr. Maussan affirmed that he ” did not do anything illegal ” so there is no reason to worry. He could not answer how these samples ended up in Mexico, claiming he borrowed them from a Mexican man to bring to the hearing.

Thực hư về mẫu vật “người ngoài hành tinh” ở Mexico - Ảnh 5.
One of the samples is said to be evidence that alien creatures exist – Photo: Reuters.

Also at the announcement, standing on the same side as Mr. Maussan was Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, a military doctor. ” Based on the DNA results, which have been compared to more than a million known species… they do not match any organism known or described by science,” he asserted. as by humans ”.

Many other experts never saw the mysterious specimen. According to scientist Julieta Fierro, who evaluated Mr. Maussan’s results at the request of Reuters news site, the amount of carbon-14 isotope in the sample is similar to the brain and skin tissue of another mummy.

She affirmed: the published results ” do not point to any mystery “, and could completely come from another Earthly creature.

The situation is still unresolved, as the samples have not been analyzed by countries with the most advanced science. As Mr. David Spergel pointed out, data transparency is the best way for science to progress.

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