“The Top 20 Popular, Beautiful, and Elegant Blue Nail Designs”

1. Cobalt blue nail

Cobalt blue nails make your hands stand out more beautiful. It can match many unique textures to have more stunning and luxurious nail designs.


2. Light blue nail

The light blue nail is one of the eye-catching, easy-to-see, fresh, luxurious and noble nail designs. Elegant ladies always want to stand out from the crowd, but are sophisticated and sharp.


3. Turquoise nails

Turquoise nail gives you a feeling of freshness and friendliness. It is a color that is easy to see, easy to dye, but also full of elegance, which is considered ethereal, fresh and youthful.


4. Moss Green Nail Designs

Inspired by the natural green color of moss, the moss green nail design is fresh, relaxing and soft. The owner of the moss green nail model provides a feeling of closeness and friendliness, with a youthful and dynamic color like that of summer.


5. Beautiful blue nail designs.

Blue nail design gives you charm with shiny look and fresh feeling. Owning this nail design will make your hands more shiny and attractive.


6. Moss green nails with stones

Moss green nails with stones are a popular nail model for many women due to their splendor, femininity and a very distinct feeling of luxury. Under the aesthetic eye and skillful workmanship of the manicurist, this nail style becomes even more delicate and beautiful.


7. green nail

The green nail is the first choice of girls. This nail model when the combination of different colors and textures also gives readers the right choice to change their personality and refresh themselves.


8. Dark Moss Green Nails

The dark moss green nail is one of the most perfect options. Beautiful floral patterns, soft, feminine, are very suitable for attractive nail sets.


9. Pastel blue nails

The combination of blue and pastel colors sets beautiful little hands to make you more prominent and attractive. Pastel blue is a new color with a bold personality, with intense emotions that make your hands attractive and seductive.


10. Butter Blue Nails

The butter blue nail helps give you a feeling of freshness, peace and relaxation. The butter blue nail model has many different shades from dark to light and many textures are skillfully transformed under the hands of a nail technician.


11. Navy Blue Nail Design

Navy blue nail design is one of the ideal nail designs for girls who love fresh and pleasant. Combined with simple motifs and unique color schemes, make your hands more impressive.


12. Blue nails

The blue nail gives you a feeling of freshness, peace and relaxation. This nail model has many different color shades, from dark to light, which are skillfully transformed by the hands of a nail technician.


13. Blue-gray nails

Grayish blue nails are one of the bright colors that represent a cool summer. Featuring stylized bluish-gray nail designs with a few lines, variations with charming motifs will make you stand out from the crowd.


14. Banana Green Nail

Banana green nail color is one of the noble colors chosen by many people. Banana green with colors with different intensity so that your hands become attractive.


15. Neon Blue Nails

Neon blue nail is one of the simple and easy nail designs. You can choose your favorite color to match your personality. If you have light skin, you should choose simple textures with other prominent colors.


16. Mint Green Nails

To highlight the hidden beauty of dark skin. You should choose plum red, brick red. Such colors will help increase the charm of the hands.

You can enjoy variations with checkered style or drawing flowers. That will make the hands more impressive.


17. Duckneck Blue Nail

Duck neck blue nail is one of the trends that many girls love to choose. These nail designs always provide a youthful look, personality and always provide high application. Owning this nail design helps create the perfect image; make your hands come alive and close.


18. blue nails

Blue nail is one of the sweet and lovely nail designs. This nail model is quite diverse in color and design, exalting beauty that is not too glamorous but enough to attract everyone’s eyes.


19. Luminous blue nail

The luminous blue nail is one of the nail designs that represent class and nobility. This is one of the nail designs that are soft and shiny, the color of royalty. For those who love luminous blue nail designs, they are those who love lightness but also nobility.


20. Jade green nails

The jade green nail is one of the nail designs with soft, fresh and striking colors. People who use mint green shades for nail designs often have a youthful and dynamic personality, but they are also kind and caring.


Above is a collection of the most popular beautiful blue nail designs today. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose for yourself beautiful blue nail designs that suit your preferences and personality.

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