VIDEO: Orphaned elephant and dog share a touching friendship

Bubbles was a young orphaned elephant found by animal rescuers in Africa. Their powerful parents fell victim to ruthless poachers, making survival extremely challenging. Additionally, elephants rely heavily on social interactions for their well-being, reports.


Many isolated and traumatized victims of elephant poaching often face a tragic fate due to the absence of rehabilitation centres. Fortunately, Bubbles’ luck improved when the team at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina expanded their care. However, the lone elephant eventually discovered an unexpected source of comfort in the form of Bella, the black Labrador, becoming his true blessing.


Bella was a helpless and somewhat clueless little puppy when she was first introduced to Bubbles. But taught, this duo forged an instant bond! They connected over their mutual love of swimming, spending hours just having fun and playing in the pool without worrying about anything else.


Bella was a lost and clueless puppy when she first met Bυbbles, but the duo forged a true bond between them! He became hooked on his greatest love of the game and would spend hours just hanging out and playing pool without a care in the world.

Photo: yoυtυbe

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